Geographic 08/75

National Geographic - August 1975
Niger sorry, Canadas’ Toronto, Ice Birds & Coal Fuel of the Future

Value: $Unknown
Condition Of Item(s): Good                               Publisher: National Geographic
Cover Art: Fiilani Women                                   ISSN: Volume 148 #2
Category:  Cultural & Historical                       Functionality: Good
Date/Issue: August 1975                                  CD/Insert: N/A
Weight:  15 oz’s                                                  Lot: Private


            August 1975

River of Sorrow, River of Hope 152

  Georg Gerster paints a vivid portrait  of West Africa's fickle Niger, sometime  bringer of riches and at other times of wrenching, drought-borne poverty.

Canada's Dowager Learns to Swing 190

  If you still think of Toronto as respectably dull, it's time to take another look, say National Geographic's Ethel Starbird and Bob Madden.

"Ice Bird" Ends Her Lonely Odyssey 216

  David Lewis chalks up a triumphant failure when he brings his tiny sloop safely to Capetown after yet another dismasting in Antarctic seas.

Will Coal Be Tomorrow's "Black Gold"? 234

 As oil prices soar, yesterday's scorned fuel looks better and better. But it's not the whole answer—yet. By Gordon Young and James P. Blair.


The Treasure of Porto Santo 260

 Engravings on a now-lost tankard told wreck-hunter Robert Stenilit where to look for an 18th-century East Indiaman and her cargo of silver bars. Photographs by the author and William R. Curtsinger.

The Pious Ones 276

 Harvey Arden and Nathan Benn explore the closed world of Brooklyn's Hasidic Jews a bit of old Hungary transported to a tenement neighborhood in America's largest city.

COVER: A fortune in hammered gold aad gleaming filigree adorns a Fiilani woman i Mali. Photograph by Georg Gerster.

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